Grove to Present a New All-Terrain Crane at Bauma 2013

Visitors to the Manitowoc stand at Bauma 2013 will see one of the first production versions of the Grove GMK6400 all-terrain crane. The prototype of the crane has appeared at previous events, but this year’s Bauma show represents the production launch for the new model.

“We want to show visitors to Bauma 2013 what makes Manitowoc different, and the GMK6400 offers customers capabilities they can’t get with any other manufacturer,” said Andreas Cremer, All-Terrain Cranes Product Manager at Manitowoc. “Our GMK6400 has the best load chart in its class, a new drive system for the carrier never seen in this size category, and a unique self-rigging capacity enhancement Mega Wing Lift attachment.”

The 400-ton capacity GMK6400 will be the largest mobile crane on the Manitowoc booth. The first of the cranes were sent to customers around Europe in late 2012 for testing and monitoring as part of Manitowoc’s Pre-Production Partner program. Under this program, customers provide comprehensive data on each crane’s performance. For the GMK6400, this process ended in early 2013 and the first production units have already been delivered.

The GMK6400 offers the best lifting capability of any six-axle mobile crane and includes a self-rigging Mega Wing Lift capacity-enhancing attachment. Main boom on the GMK6400 is 197 ft. and when working with its luffing jib, the crane can perform lifts no other six-axle or even seven-axle crane can currently achieve.

There is a new, wider carrier cab, and the crane’s design has a single engine driving both the carrier and powering the superstructure. This reduces its overall weight and improves fuel economy.

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