Flatbed Trucks/Trailers are Assets for Transport

Do you find yourself frequently utilizing the services of a commercial towing company for transporting vehicles or lightweight equipment? Investing in a flatbed truck or trailer might be a faster and more economical way to get the job done. An article with helpful information can be found at The Urban Twist, highlighting the versatility and practical uses of flatbed trucks and semi trailers.

From agriculture to military to construction

Popular among various industries, a flatbed vehicle offers flexibility in hauling items that are tall, long, heavy and/or wide. Large farms utilize semi trucks with flatbed trailers for transporting combines, tractors, implements, hay bales and more across long distances, and the military hauls tanks and equipment via the same method. Loading and unloading pallets, drainage pipes, construction materials, heavy machinery, and even oddly shaped items is simple on the flat, open surface. Safely securing loose cargo is easy with tie downs and winch straps.

In addition to large objects and materials, flatbed trucks and trailers are ideal for moving flowable items such as grain, gravel and sand when enclosed in an industrial-sized super sack, bulk bag or other container made with heavy duty flexible fabric. Additionally, a flatbed simplifies the chore of hauling away stockpiled tires, lumber, barrels, and scrap metal.

Want to read more? Check out “A Buyer's Guide to Flatbed Semi Trailers” at The Urban Twist by clicking here. Image above courtesy of TheUrbanTwist.com.

May 1, 2020

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