First Liebherr LTC 1045-3 sold in the USA

The first 45 tonne Liebherr LTC 1045-3 City style All Terrain crane sold in the USA has gone into service with Pennsylvania based AmQuip. The innovative single cab design LTC 1045, is either telescoped to the front of the chassis for road travel, or rests in the superstructure position for standard lifting duties. 

AmQuip’s chief executive Charles Snyder said: “After much research and comparing all the manufacturers, Liebherr had the smallest, crane bumper to bumper, longest boom and best capacity in the class.”

“The telescopic cab was also a factor in our decision. Having a better view of the jobsites means improved safety as well as improved overall productivity. These are always our top priorities. The Liebherr name speaks for itself when you talk quality and research that goes into building a crane. They listen to customers when designing a crane.”

Jack Good, manager of AmQuip’s Boston operations, added: “We met with several key customers during the evaluation of this crane and they are very excited for this unit to join our fleet. Whether it is setting glass or working over a foundation hole, the operator will have much better views of the workers around the crane. We are confident that this will be a highly utilized crane that customers specifically call for."

Hutton Strader, Liebherr Cranes sales manager added: "with the industry now starting to rebound other customers are showing interest in the LTC 1045-3.1. This crane can go where others cannot. It is a true one-man machine that can also be operated by remote control, do a job quickly and move on to the next one. We believe it could well be the most efficient and productive mobile crane ever made.”


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