Fast Forward 80 Years: Lunch Atop A Skyscraper

Talk about nerves of steel! Construction workers recreate one of the world's most famous photos — 800 ft. up a London skyscraper. 

Michael Crompton persuaded 11 pals to sit across a girder like the nonchalant New York steel workers in the 1932 snap Lunch Atop A Skyscraper. 

Michael, 61, from Southampton, said: "We changed it slightly — one of the workers had a can of cider in our shot, while in the original they had a bottle of whisky. And underneath our coats we all have harnesses and lanyards. 

"But it was almost minus 10°C out there on the 48th floor and a few of the lads were telling me to hurry up." 

The pic was taken cheekily without permission of bosses at the newly-built Heron Building in the City. The original — a popular poster — was taken on the 69th floor of the Rockefeller Center's RCA building.


Lunch atop skyscraper original

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