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Employee Spotlight: Tommy Toney

    Famous football coach Vince Lombardi is heralded for his leadership on and off the gridiron. He often spoke about love. “The love I’m speaking of is loyalty, which is the greatest of loves.” Lombardi believed that when efforts are fueled by love, you become a hard worker, you have the strength to persevere longer, you invest more of yourself in what you do, and you are less likely to give up in the face of challenges. 

    Sims Crane Salesman Tommy Toney knows a thing or two about loyalty.  He’s been married to the same woman for more than fifty-years. He’s worked for Sims since 1968. He’s a man that takes both commitments seriously. 

    About his wife, he says, “She’s a beautiful lady.” They were introduced by mutual friends all those years ago. He dated her for one week. They were ‘going steady’ by week two, were engaged by week three, and married by week four. He’s been by her side ever since. The happy couple has four grandchildren.

     But he’s most proud to say he doesn’t just have one family, he has two families. “It’s like having another family when you work for Sims, because they treat you like family. It’s been a treat.” Since coming to Sims 43 years ago, he’s worked in a number of positions. He started out as a crane operator before becoming a yard foreman. He then worked in dispatch a couple of years before moving into sales. He’s been in this position for more than 15 years. He says the best thing about the job he does is the people he meets. “I enjoy selling. [I enjoy] just meeting people. There are quite a bit of people you really build a relationship with. It’s been quite a ride.”

     He does admit there are challenges he faces when he does his job. “The greatest challenge right now is getting more customers, getting the work. It seems like every time you turn around you’re getting beat out of a job… But on the other hand, I have a lot of customers who give me the purchasing order before I even go look at the job. I think that’s a good sign because they trust you enough because they know you well enough to know that you’re not going to try to ‘hose’ them.” 

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