Employee Spotlight: Keith Kellison

Keith Kellison has been in the craning industry since 1988. He got his start when he was in need of a job and found the world of crane operating. He thought that he would be great at it and would love his job.

Keith is amazing at his job. He became an Operating Engineer for Sims Crane. He operates one of the Tadano 30-ton cranes but also any other equipment at Sims Crane. Keith has been a part of numerous jobs over the years. Keith said the hardest lift he's done was when he had to upright a crane that fell over backwards inside of a building. When asked what has been the most memorable job so far in his career, Keith said it was being a part of rearranging the layout of the Kennedy Space Station launch pad. His job was to move around the blast shields for the space shuttle.

Keith said he loves the variety the crane business brings to his life, that the job is always interesting and brings new challenges every day. Like anyone in the construction business, Keith has a favorite piece of equipment... the Kobelco CK2500 crawler crane. It is extremely comfortable to sit in while operating combined with its ease of use.

Thank you, Keith, for your hard work and the dedication you provide for this company. We hope you enjoy it here as much as we enjoy having you.   

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