Eleven Steps to Ensure Crane Safety

Safety is Sims Crane & Equipment’s number one priority at our 15 locations statewide, on the road, and especially at the jobsite itself. We have led the crane and rigging industry with the highest standards in safety practices and education for over 60 years. 
For Construction Pros, a publisher of several construction industry magazines, recently posted a helpful article that highlights eleven tips to prevent accidents in crane and rigging. They are summarized below.
  1. Select the right crane for the job – With several categories that include mobile and crawler, the job usually requires a specific type of crane. 
  2. Make sure the operator is qualified – This includes specific training and certification.
  3. Be educated – Different manufacturers’ cranes have different controls. Always read the operator manuals.
  4. Perform operator checks every day – This ensures that the crane is safe to use.
  5. Look for obstacles – Before traveling to the jobsite, map out the route. Are there powerlines, tree branches or other items that could cause hazards? 
  6. Stabilize the crane – This includes proper use of outriggers and pads.
  7. Correctly rig the load – Prevents items from falling while being lifted.
  8. Know the load radius – Understand the calculations of the distance between crane and its load, as well as angle and extension of the boom.
  9. Do not exceed load limit – Know how to read load charts despite newer cranes being equipped with load moment indicators.
  10. Use hand signals and communicate properly – Always employ a qualified signal person.
  11. Manage complex lifts – If the load is greater than 80% of the crane’s capacity, a plan must be established to ensure a safe lift.
These important points are fully explained in the article. Please click here to read the whole story. 
February 16, 2021
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