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Edge Protection?

Edge protection what edge protection? A reader has sent us some Death Wish photos from Beirut which show the current levels of work at height and fall protection measures in the Lebanese capital.

Detail shows the men at work

The building shows very little attention to any edge protection, either on the regular floors or the loading platforms. It is certainly a Death Wish site.

The high rise construction shows very little edge protection consideration

Vertikal Comment
It is likely that many will write the Lebanon off as part of the ‘developing world’ and therefore not likely to care too much about fall protection, especially given the other challenges the country has faced.

Certainly this example is not untypical of the country of or the region, however
Lebanon is a highly sophisticated market and home to some first class contractors. Also standards in several parts of the region are actually higher than parts of Western Europe or North America.

This photo could have equally been taken in those supposedly ‘more sophisticated’ markets and highlight that when it comes to the use of safe and efficient access equipment on a world-wide scale, we are still just at the beginning.

Source: http://www.vertikal.net/en/news/story/12501/

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