Crawler Mounted Articulating Cranes' Cool Factor

The author of a recent column at International Cranes Magazine's website compares crawler mounted articulating cranes to the popular robot toys in the “Transformers” movies and TV series. While these cranes don't actually transform into other types of machinery, they do possess a cool factor not seen in other types of lifting cranes.

Two manufacturers are mentioned – Austria's Palfinger and Italy's Jekko. Palfinger produces three different-sized models with maximum reach ranging from 97 to 109 feet, maximum lifting height from 105 to 117 feet, and maximum load from 19.7 to 21 US tons. Palfinger's crane design is composed of three units – crawler, crane and counterweight. Each can be individually combined and operated as long as the crane (while working independently) is receiving hydraulic power from the crawler unit or an auxiliary source.

Jekko manufactures one model, which boasts a maximum reach of 134 feet, height of 125 feet and lifting capacity of almost 24 US tons. It can be fitted with a glass pane manipulator or hydraulic platform for 3 people when used with a double articulated joint. Additionally, the standard jib can accommodate a 1 or 2 operator basket.

Small and versatile

Both manufacturers' cranes feature diesel and electric power to reduce noise and gas emissions. Their compact size and tight turning radius allow the cranes to be used in confined spaces, and they can enter a work site through narrow entrances. This allows for outdoor and indoor applications. Operation of crane and outriggers is achieved with remote control. This type of compact crane can easily climb and operate on steep grades and rough terrain.

Words don't completely describe the cool factor these cranes offer. To see the wide range of what a crawler mounted articulating crane can accomplish, check out this video from Palfinger.

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May 19, 2020

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