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Crane Operator in Ocala

Crane OperatorA crane operator is a vital position for many job sites. An inexperienced worker using the crane could lead to equipment or property damage, a hazardous work environment, and injuries to the rest of the crew. It's essential to have a highly experienced crane operator on hand so that everything goes to plan and the loads get lifted successfully. At Sims Crane & Equipment, we have highly-experienced and extensively-trained employees who can handle any job. Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Knowing all the functions of the crane equipment that they're using
  • Capable of directing equipment set up in the correct configuration for a safe lift
  • Checking that the load is within the rated capacity for that crane model
  • Able to work with crane operator apprentices, truck drivers, riggers and signalers
  • Coordinating with other workers on the job site as needed

There's a lot that goes into operating cranes, and our crane company makes sure that you're getting the best of the best. We put a lot of focus on safety measures, and our numbers speak for themselves. We have an industry-leading safety record due to our commitment to keeping everyone and everything on the job site safe.

Our crane company offers full vertical access to your projects with the help of our cranes and aerial work platforms. We handle heavy loads with ease, too - up to 600 metric tons.

Our full-service solutions cover your crane needs. Our talented crane operators allow you to make the most out of your equipment rentals, and you're covered if you need heavy hauling transportation, lift planning, on-site consultations, and rigging. The goal of our crane company is to support you from the beginning to the end of your project.

Contact us when you're ready to discuss your crane needs. A crane operator is ready to go to your job site in Ocala or elsewhere throughout Florida, and we look forward to helping you complete your jobs quickly and efficiently.

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