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Crane Operator

One of the key factors in attracting and retaining talented crane operators is investing in their success. At Sims Crane & Equipment, we offer a crane operator apprenticeship program. People interested in entering this field go through a four-year training program to teach them the skills necessary for working with cranes, rigging equipment, and other heavy hauling equipment. Our crane company is more than happy to invest the time and resources into these trainees to ensure that they develop the crane operator knowledge they need to excel in their position and keep everyone safe at the job site.

Each crane operator on our team meets and exceeds the certification requirements throughout Florida. We empower our employees with many educational opportunities to teach them more about the latest heavy equipment technology, safety techniques, and other skills that serve them well. We've found that when you invest in your workers' careers and make them feel valued, they return the favor by going above and beyond in their job.

Exceptional Maintenance

Another way that we support our crane operators is by maintaining the equipment that they depend on every day. Our crane company has a comprehensive maintenance program to keep our cranes running strong. We also frequently bring in new cranes for our crane rental fleet to ensure that we have modernized options for our customers. Our goal with this maintenance program, besides keeping the crane operator safe, is to minimize the chance for downtime when cranes are out in the field.

Sometimes problems happen at the job site, and our crane company is prepared for that situation, too. We can send a crane repair technician out to you in the event that the crane isn't working correctly or something is damaged or broken. Our parts department gets the right parts sent out as soon as possible.

If you're not sure what crane works best for your job site, we offer on-site consultations. Our experienced lift planners will map out exactly what equipment is needed to make your job possible. Contact us to learn more about our crane operator options and full-service crane rentals.

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