Crane and Rigging Mobile Apps for iPhone and iPad

Joe Lane, an inspector and surveyor for Cairo Marine Service, Wickliffe, Ky., provided the following information in the Fall 2011 newsletter of the Crane Certification Association of America(CCAA). Note the CCAA will hold its fall meeting Oct. 16-18, 2011 in Orlando, Fla. 

There are a number of apps presently available for rigging. Most of these are for stage rigging, which is of limited value to those concerned with lift rigging. The apps for cranes and rigging are not readily found using the search function of iTunes app store.
The four apps listed and described in this article are ones that I have found. Note: I am only familiar with apps that run on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Where possible, I am including the names of the developers so that they may be contacted about apps for other systems.
Title 29 Code of Federal Regulations - Labor; $29.99; 27.9 MB, app by Tekk Innovations LLC. Works on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch.
I use this app constantly. This app includes all of Title 29 - specifically those referencing cranes and rigging, including 1910 - General Industry; 1915, 1917, 1918, 1919 - Maritime; 1926 - Construction. Once this is downloaded, updates come automatically. The new construction regulation for cranes in construction - 1926.1400 Subpart CC - was added on November 9, 2010, the day after it went into effect. Features include : Complete offline access, tables and images, bookmarks, full text search, search highlighting, context sensitive search, email sections. The email function is good for those who ask you, “Where does it say that?” A “killer” feature is the text hot links. Links referring you to another regulation can be clicked to take you to the highlighted section then hit the back button to take you back.
For example:
(e) The duties of controlling entities under this subpart include, but are not limited to, the duties specified in §1926.1402(c), § 1926.1402(e) and § 1926.1424(b).
RigIT; $2.99, 0.5 MB, app by RigIT LLC. Works on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (non-optimized) Topics include :
  • Wire Rope - (EIPS) - Single leg, choker, basket hitch - 1/4" to 2" diameter
  • Chain - Grade 100 - Single leg, two leg, three/four leg slings
  • Synthetic round slings - Color codes, vertical, choker, basket hitches
  • Nylon web slings - 9000 series webbing - Vertical, choker, basket hitches
A sling angle/load calculator and a link to ASME B30.9 rejection criteria remain fixed at the bottom of the screen while you scroll the columns. There is also a chart for screw pin shackle capacities based on both pin and body diameters.
User’s Guide for Lifting - Plus; $9.99, 7.7 MB, app by The Crosby Group Inc. Works on iPad only, formatting is too large for smaller screen size.
This is the same as Crosby User’s Guide (the folding laminated panels) placed on the screen. The Plus features are functional calculators for sling leg tension, volumes and weights, center of gravity and unit conversions. There are built in links to sample inspection forms and inspection/rejection criteria. This app has hot links to the Crosby Catalog, usable when you have internet access.
U.S. Navy Salvor’s Handbook; $4.99, 17.7 MB, app by JMS Naval Architects & Salvage Engineers.
This may actually be more information than you really want. This app has lots of data and tables on fiber ropes, mooring rigging, towing rigging and many chapters on non-rigging topics. However, it is a good source of material that may not be included in much modern rigging data - such as breaking strength of IPS ropes, Grade 80 chain, fiber core wire rope, several rigging “rules of thumb” - and much more.
The app market is fast changing and should be checked regularly. Look for news of apps in trade publications, newsletters, and websites.
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