Construction's Most Popular Crane Types

Mentioning the term “construction crane” conjures up different images in people's minds, depending on who you speak to. Cranes are a vital tool for most construction projects large and small, but one type of crane does not fit all applications. For example, a rough-terrain crane is overkill for placing roof joists on a small house being framed, just as a truck-mounted crane is not capable of lifting materials and supplies high enough for a skyscraper under construction. And a tower crane would not be practical for placing power poles alongside a highway.

According to a column at a website called CK, six of the most popular cranes used in construction today are:

Truck-Mounted Crane The crane cab and boom are mounted to a vehicle for easy movement and can be driven to the work site. Equipped with outriggers for stability.

Crawler Crane Very large in size with heavy load capability, fitted with crawlers instead of wheels to add support when working on soft soils. Intended for long-term projects.

Rough-Terrain Crane Built like a crawler crane but with four large wheels with rubber tires for maneuvering in rough areas that a truck crane cannot handle.

All-Terrain Crane Designed for paved roads and rough terrain, but with additional wheels for stability. Drivable to the work site.

Telescopic Handler Crane Similar to a standard forklift but fitted with a telescopic boom that extends up and away from the vehicle.

Tower Crane Primarily used for tall building construction. The crane is fixed to the ground or attached to a building during construction and can be raised with the building as floors are added. Crane is dismantled when construction is nearly completed.

The story lists six additional types of cranes and can be read at CK's website by clicking here. Images above courtesy of their website.

May 6, 2020

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