CERTEX USA - Crane Management Seminar Sponsor

CERTEX USA is a recognized leader in the lifting and material handling industry. With 31 branches in North America, CERTEX USA is equipped to fulfill the complete spectrum of our customer’s stringent demands for lifting products, services and ancillary requirements.

CERTEX USA is a leading:
        - Supplier of lifting products and services
        - Provider of wire rope to end users
       - Training company for riggers and lifting equipment

Quality: ISO-9001 Certified!
CERTEX USA has endured the rigorous examination of ISO auditors to insure that our customers receive the best products that the world has to offer.
We are one of the few lifting products companies in the United States to offer rigging inspection and "competent person" training.
CERTEX USA has provided training for OSHA, Ingalls Shipbuilding, Noble Drilling, Bredero Shaw, IPSCO, BP and Chevron Offshore to name but a few . Call us to get your company on our training schedule. Classes are custom tailored to fit the needs of our customers.
Certex is a member of the Industrial Training International Advanced Rigging Network - a training partnership providing world - class crane and rigging training to member customers like you.
The United States Department of Labor has issued "Maritime Gear Certificates" to several CERTEX USA locations. Our test facilities can put as much as a 1,000-ton load on loose gear and slings. These "test beds" are where many of our finished products are proof tested and certified.
Extended Training
The Crosby Group, DBI-SALA, Bridon American and many other premium products companies can provide training services on site for our customers.
Inspection Services
CERTEX USA does more rigging inspections than any other company on the gulf coast! We are trained as inspectors and currently provide many customers with annual inspections of their chain slings. We are familiar with the OSHA, ANSI and ASME rules and regulations regarding rigging gear and inspections.
Delivery Services
Many CERTEX USA locations have dedicated delivery trucks to serve their respective territories.
Wire rope, shackles and hardware, cordage, chain and slings are just a few of the lifting and industrial products supplied by CERTEX USA that carry assurance of value, security and reliability that customers deserve.
CERTEX USA's expertise is applied in our rigging shops to produce lifting equipment that will perform in the most critical applications where lives and property depend on it.
Among suppliers of lifting equipment in the United States and around the world, CERTEX USA is known as a leader in expert services including inspection, training and field support.
CERTEX for Certainty
Around the world, people work in jobs where their lives depend on safe lifting equipment.
For these people, CERTEX USA symbolizes a new standard in product quality, lifting safety and customer service.
Premium Brands for Premium Customers
At CERTEX USA, "Certainty in Products" means providing our customers with premium brands like Bridon American Wire Rope, the Crosby Group, DBI-SALA and Renfroe Plate Clamps. These are quality names that lifting professionals trust and they are the foundation of our distribution philosophy.
Certex is a sponsor of Sims Crane & Equipment Safety Seminar on January 11th, 2012.
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