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Carry Deck Crane for Job Sites in Miami & Other Cities Throughout Florida

Carry Deck CraneHow much time do you spend on figuring out how to get materials from one part of the job site to the other? It's not always a simple matter of getting trucks and other hauling equipment to the right part of the site. You have to deal with logistical issues, from the grade and surfaces of the terrain to overhead obstacles and changing conditions. A carry deck crane has the perfect set of features to address material moving challenges, and our top-rated crane company has several models available for rent.

Carry Deck Crane Features

  • The most prominent feature that you'll notice with this type of crane is the deck itself. Its large, flat deck offers a substantial surface for placing construction materials.
  • In the center of the deck is a 360-degree rotating boom, which facilitates the loading and unloading of material onto the deck.
  • The crane is also small, which lets it fit into tight spaces that other cranes would struggle with. The small scale of this piece of heavy machinery gives it an agility that other heavy equipment can't match.
  • The four wheels also help with its high maneuverability.
  • The engine is extremely powerful for the scale of the crane, which allows it to handle heavier loads than you'd expect.

Our crane company, Sims Crane & Equipment, has plenty of cranes for rent, and we have many other services to support your project as well, such as our Sims HD Moving Solutions. When you need machinery moved from one job site to another, we have a fleet and partners capable of dealing with even the most complicated moves. Our crane company also offers specialized rigging services to ensure that any loads are hoisted safely from point A to point B, and we can help coordinate moves of everything from industrial robotics to medical equipment and more.

Ready to get a carry deck crane on-site in Miami or other cities throughout Florida? Contact us to make your material moving logistics that much easier.

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