Altec 45-ton Telescopic Boom Crane Moves Benchmarks

ACT has exclusively learned that Altec Industries, Inc. will launch the AC45-127S telescopic boom crane at ICUEE in October. The company says the new crane offers the "best-in-class safety, productivity and operator convenience”.

"Altec has a customer-focused product development process," said Matt Trefz, market manager for Altec Cranes. “When we started the 45-ton project, customers told us they needed more capacity beyond a 25-foot load radius, a solid feel at a 100-foot load radius and road transport without weight permits.  It's difficult to balance conflicting requirements, and our engineering team was able to deliver what I think is the best 45-ton boom truck available with a stronger chart, better feel and attractive payload compared to alternative products."

The AC45- 127S is built with features that set a new benchmark in jobsite safety, Trefz said. Features like the lower winch control, front entry cab and engine start/stop at the tail shelf minimize slip/trip/fall hazard exposure, he said.

"The tilt cab feature improves visibility and reduces operator neck strain and associated fatigue,” said Trefz. “A service-driven design simplifies preventative maintenance and reduces downtime. The LMI reel is mounted at the boom heel and protected by a metal cover while the A2B cable is routed through the boom providing better reliability".

Other features include a 127- foot, 5-section boom, a 55-foot telescopic jib and improved cycle times.


Source: ACT Magazine, October 2013 Issue

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