AJ Ayvaz wins the 2013 Sims Crane Safety Rodeo!

Saturday, March 27, 2013, Sims Crane hosted the annual safety rodeo and employee appreciation event at the Tampa, FL, headquarters with a turnout of over 300 guests in attendance to witness the competition and indulge in some great home cooking. Dean Sims, CEO of Sims Crane challenged rival chef Steve Ayvaz to a bbq cookoff that included a 400 quart seafood boil. What an amazing day of family fun it turned out to be, with go-kart races and plenty entertainment for everyone!

AJ Ayvaz took home the Dennis Kastens Memorial Trophy this year, beating out Don Cockrell and Matt Williams, both of whom have seen the limelight of the crane rodeo finals in previous years. Don posted a tough time that stood most of the day as the time to beat, until AJ posted his time of 3:11 as the second to last competitor to sit in the seat. The grand prize for this year's winner is a trip for two to Nassau, Bahamas!

The Sims family would like to thank everyone, all the friends, family and guests that came to the event.

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