Added Value

Specialized Rigging & Machinery Moving

Sims Crane offers specialized rigging and machinery moving services for most industrial applications. Our certified Master Rigger, Tom Kendrick, and his team have the skill and expertise to place the heaviest industrial generators, MRI machines, boilers and much more within the tolerances of the project specifications.

3D Lift Planning

Our specialized project planners map out complicated projects using specialized 3D modeling software. This allows our Sims Crane operators to prepare for the job and provides you with a visual layout of the project.

Better communication of project related information results in smoother workflow and a safer workplace for your employees and valuable assets.

Expert lift planner, Adrian Lacey, CCO, won the A1A Software Lift Plan of the Year Award for projects executed in 2012. As a 20 year veteran NCCCO certified crane operator, Adrian brings a special skill, expertise and knowledge to each and every Sims Crane lift plan. Contact us today and find out why more Florida contractors trust Sims with the most specialized lifting projects.

Heavy Hauling

A fleet of new modernized tractors supports our equipment fleet and provides short trip hauling services within the state of Florida. For more specialized transportation, Sims employs reputable local transportation experts, capable of keeping you on the move, any time and any where.

Movement of Traffic

At Sims Crane, we want to assist with full service planning. That’s why we offer Yodock barricade rentals, road closure permitting and movement of traffic (MoT) services upon request. Additional fees may apply.

Through our partnership with PBS Rentals, we can facilitate setup and removal of large quantities of barrier equipment in just a few days. Contact us for a free site evaluation.
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