A Pinch-A-Penny Fuel Tank

       Construction is now underway on a new building which will soon be home to Clearwater-based Pinch-a-Penny.  Last week, crews from AEC Services oversaw the installation of an fuel tank, which will be used to fuel vehicles at the companies’ headquarters.  A Sims crane was on hand for the lift of the 54,000lb structure.
    AEC Services Engineer George Padilla talks more about the 36 foot long tank. “When it is completed and done, it will hold 15,000 lbs of diesel and 5,000 lbs of gas. It was built in North Carolina by Highland Tanks, but it is coming from Pennsylvania. Once everything is connected and ready to go, delivery trucks will be able to fuel up. Eventually the gasoline dispensers will be put in over the next week or so. It will also be connected, so that it can run the back-up generators.” 

     AEC Services President Ron Fair runs the company which has more than 22 years of experience as a Civil Engineer, Contractor and Construction Manager. The company offers services that include, site development and planning, construction management, fuel facility planning and permitting and provides expert advice related to construction, development and fuel systems designs.
     On a Thursday afternoon Sims Crane & Equipment CCO, Joel Rentas and Oiler George Heath busied themselves getting ready for the lift. A yellow spreader bar was rigged and ready for use to help balance the weight of the large tank. The 175 ton Grove mobile crane carried 44,000 lbs of counterweights. 72 feet of boom was stretched out.
      Soon the lift began. The tank, kept just feet above the ground, was swung in a semi-circle to waiting workers. Crews took time to line up the openings at the bottom of the tank making sure they fit over electrical conduits, fuel pumps and water pipes already placed at the foundation.
     Pinch-A-Penny’s new corporate headquarters will be located at 6385 150th Avenue North in Clearwater. The nation’s largest franchised retail pool, patio and spa company has approximately 200 stores across Florida, Georgia and Alabama. 

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