Crane Services

Crane Services For Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Lake City & Cities Across Florida

Crane ServicesMany of today’s new construction techniques and designs require the use of cranes and rigging to access out-of-reach work areas. We’ve specialized in efficiently providing crane services since 1959. The team at Sims Crane & Equipment has extensive experience in providing all aspects of affordable and safe crane rentals.

When you turn to us to meet your access needs, we offer:

  • On-site consultation and recommendations
  • Rough Terrain Crane Rentals for the day, week or month
  • Crane rental tailored to your specific needs, including with or without operator
  • Turnkey crane service with the option for fuel, full service, and insurance
  • Convenient locations with 14 offices throughout Florida

If you are a general contractor who has used our crane services before, you know we provide the type of support you need to get the job done. Many of the largest contractors understand that a crane rental is the most cost-effective solution to their access needs, and we’re known for providing that solution affordably.

With the rapidly advancing technology and options for crane services, we can help you find the most efficient approach to any job you are facing. Our decades of experience and detailed knowledge of crane service allow us to provide innovative and practical advice to any high-reach challenge.

The economics of using any crane service generally make the use of a crane service the most efficient way to accomplish your task. We ensure our lifts are regularly maintained to avoid costly on-site breakdowns. Additionally, our experienced operators are OSHA trained and will provide you with the most efficient use of this resource. We make sure your rough terrain crane rentals are hassle-free and allows you to stay on schedule and on budget.

You can easily take the guesswork out of any construction job in Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton or Lake City when you call on us to discuss your specific needs. When your job calls for crane services, contact us at Sims Crane & Equipment for your crane service needs. We work hard to make your life easier, and you can rely on us to get the job done safely and quickly.

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