7 Rules of Rigging

As chaotic as life seems at times one can find order if he or she takes a closer look at the situation. This is true for rigging activities as well. If you follow the following 7 Rules you will always be on the safe side during your rigging activities.
  1. Know the load weight or perform your best estimate.
  2. Locate or estimate the location of the load's Center of Gravity (CG).
  3. Determine the load-share on each side of C/G.
  4. Calculate the tension in each sling-leg.
  5. As a minimum, select slings with capacity to match the sling-leg tension and hardware to match the vertical capacity of the slings.
  6. Inspect the rigging per ASME B30.9 and 29 CFR 1910.184.
  7. Ensure Great Load Control. Make sure the hitch or hitches you have selected, and their edge protection, provide good to excellent control so slipping does not occur.

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