550-ton All-Terrain Coming from Taiyuan Heavy

Chinese manufacturer Taiyuan Heavy Industry (TYHI) has built a 550-ton capacity all-terrain crane with a 275-ft. boom. The first unit of the TZM500 was completed and displayed to employees at the factory on October 12. Target applications listed by the manufacturer include wind power, petrochemical and civil engineering industries.

TYHI said it has begun manufacturing other cranes for civil construction, including 725-ton capacity lattice boom crawler cranes, the 1,300-ton capacity TZT1200 crawler telescopic and 1,300-ton capacity TZM1200 wheeled mobile telescopic cranes. The news follows the first application of the company’s 7,050-ton capacity super heavy lifting gantry tower on the Lu An electric heating oil project in China.

TYHI said it has produced and delivered worldwide more than 6,000 cranes. Products include a 1,300-ton capacity EOT crane, a 550-ton ladle crane and a 2,650 cubic ft. shovel for mining. Other products include forging and rolling equipment and wind turbines.

Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is part of the Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd, originally known as Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Plant (TZ) established in 1950. TYHI in Shanxi Province has a 40 million square ft. factory site and 8,000 employees. In the 1980s the company manufactured a 220-ton capacity lattice boom crawler crane which, it said, was the largest crawler crane made in China at that time.


Author: Alex Dahm, Editor, International Cranes & Specialized Transport

Source: KHL Group

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