25 Years of Improving Safety in Crane Operation

The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The NCCCO is a nonprofit organization established in January 1995 with a mission of instituting standards in safety and performance of crane operation in construction and related industries. It provides thorough skills testing and recognizes professional crane and load handling equipment operators.

American Cranes & Transport Magazine (ACT) heralded this accomplishment in their January 2020 issue. An anniversary gala is in the works for October that will recognize the organization’s impact on the industry and highlight its certificate recipients, staff, volunteers and partners. NCCCO began this year by launching an updated website with responsive design for mobile and tablet applications.

Special Recognition for Experienced Operators

NCCCO is launching a Five-Star program for crane operators who have recertified five times and remained continually accredited since CCO certification was first made available in 1996. “It’s a remarkable achievement to be entering one’s 25th year of certification,” said Joel Oliva, NCCCO Director of Operations. “Our hat goes off to all who qualify for this special recognition.”

Spanish Exams in the Works

In addition to a new website design, NCCCO will be responding to industry requests for examinations to be made available in Spanish. CCO Mobile Crane Operator exams will be directly translated from the English version with identical content outlines, questions and time limits. The Department of Labor has indicated that nearly 25 percent of the construction industry labor force are of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity, so NCCCO’s outreach will further help fulfill its mission.

During the past 25 years, NCCCO has administered more than one million exams to over 225,000 candidates in at least 27 different crane and lifting equipment exam categories. This is a valuable tool for employers who strive to reduce injuries and fatalities at construction sites.

Sims Crane & Equipment employs more than 250 CCO-certified operators for crane operation, basic rigging and signaling.

American Cranes & Transport Magazine (ACT)’s website has the full story about NCCCO’s anniversary here. Information about NCCCO can be found on their website by clicking here.

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