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You Never Know Where You’ll See Sims Crane

Crane lifting boat

Recently spotted at Port Everglades in Hollywood, Florida, Sims Crane took part in the ever-important waterway oil-spill drill hosted by the Coast Guard. As part of the annual corporate OSR Equipment Deployment Exercise, the industry-led PREP process featured Sims Crane for the deployment of CRT equipment.

Our crane was a vital part of the procedure, which focused on trained officials learning how to clean waterways safely, quickly, and efficiently in the event of an oil spill. Our crane was used to lift boats and related materials as part of the drill.

Series of crane images

Professionals from all around the state not only trust Sims Crane for their everyday tasks and duties, but also for serious exercises and drills that might just save lives and the environment.

Where will you spot Sims Crane next?

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