Tadano Shows New 400 Ton Crane

Tadano Faun unveiled its new top of the line six axle All Terrain crane this weekend at its plant in Lauf, Germany. 

The new crane, the 400 ton ATF400G-6 is, according to the company not just an updated version of the 360 ton AFT360G-6 that the company showed at Bauma in 2007, it says that it has been entirely re-engineered and is much easier to set up and road in Europe. It is still rated at 360 tons at three metres radius though, with 400 tons at 2.7 metres. 

The 360 was designed and built in Japan and missed a number of key criteria for the European market. As a result it never sold and was not even marketed here. The new model is a truly global product and will be offered in all markets.

The main boom remains at 60 metres - eight metres shorter than the company's longest boom, while maximum system length is 125 metres when the crane is equipped with full luffing jib. Maximum counterweight is 138 tons, but the crane has a reasonable chart with no counterweight.

The benefit of the shorter heavier boom comes through with some of the structrual capacities when the full counterweight is installed. The crane can take 69.5 tons to 16 meters, 41 tons to 26 metres radius and 10.8 tonnes to 52 metres on the main boom. Capacities on the fully extended main boom range from 38 tons at 10 metres radius and 4.8 metres at 58 metres.

The new crane uses a highly efficient environmentally friendly Mercedes BlueTec carrier engine coupled to a ZF transmission and features a 12x8x12 drive steer configuration.

The company has said that going forward Germany will be the world wide design and production centre for All Terrain cranes, Japan will do the same for Rough Terrain and truck cranes and the USA for crawler cranes. 

Source: http://www.vertikal.net/en/news/story/12467/

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