Synthetic Rope On Grove Cranes in 2014

Hoist rope for mobile cranes made from synthetic fiber has been launched by manufacturer Samson and crane maker Manitowoc. The KZTM100 synthetic rope for mobile cranes was unveiled at the ConExpo show in Las Vegas, USA, fitted to a 70-ton capacity Manitowoc Grove RT770E rough terrain crane.

KZTM100 is the first synthetic hoist rope for mobile cranes. It is the result of a joint development programme between Samson and Manitowoc. The synthetic fiber is supplied by DSM Dyneema.

Benefits over traditional wire rope include a weight savings of 80%, it is torque neutral and does not suffer kinking or “birdcaging”.

Mike Herbert, director of product planning and marketing at Manitowoc, said the KZTM100 is a welcome innovation and a value-added option for Grove users. “We know that dealers, customers, and crane enthusiasts will see what a leap in technology this first synthetic hoist rope is for the lifting industry. Partnering with Samson on this application development resulted in a lighter and more innovative product that ushers in a new era of hoist ropes.”

A combination of lab tests and field trials consumed 25,000 ft. of rope over the course of 14,000 cycles of reliability testing. Two independent companies also tested the rope. KZTM100 is corrosion resistant, requires no lubrication, is durable, and easy to work with, which reduces wear on drums and sheaves, Manitowoc said.

KZTM100, sold exclusively through Manitowoc, will be available as an option on all Grove rough-terrain cranes in late 2014.

“Samson is very excited to be entering the crane industry by working in a close collaborative partnership with a company as innovative as Manitowoc,” said Michael Quinn, director of new market development at Samson. “Together, we were able to leverage the experience and technical expertise of both companies’ research and development teams to bring the market something that is completely new and offers numerous benefits to the end user.”


Source: KHL Group

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