Sims Takes an Oath to Contribute to Courthouse Renovation


    The George C. Young Courthouse and Federal Building in downtown Orlando is currently undergoing a $35 million renovation. Harper Limbach is one of the subcontractors contributing to the major repair and full modernization of the 182,000 square foot building located at 80 North Hughey Avenue on the western border of the city’s Central Business District.

     Harper Limbach, a mechanical contractor and service firm, has a nationwide presence and an office location in the Orlando-Sanford area.  On a Tuesday morning, the company joined forces with Sims Crane to transfer a dozen air handlers to the rooftop.
Office Manager Thomas Baldree, CCO Brian Ellis and Oiler Danny Arnold were on hand at the start of the day. Ellis manned the forklift used to add a second piece of jib in order to extend the reach for the lift. It wasn’t long before Arnold hammered the piece in place and he and Baldree ran a wire rope through the block. By the time they were done, the fully extended 175-ton truck crane carried 160 foot of main boom and 59 foot of jib.

    A short time later, rigging began for the four corner pick.  Harper Limbach crew members positioned themselves on the flat-bed of a truck scurrying between the large handlers. With 2,000 lbs to lift they took time to secure the four nylon straps and shackles being used.

By early morning, the first metal box soared through the air. Harper Limbach crew members, headed by Bob Bennin, wait on the rooftop. Bennin uses radio to keep in constant contact with CCO Brian Ellis. Looking down from the top of the building, one can clearly see the cab of the crane swinging in a semi-circle and the boom extending as it lifted the air handler high into the sky and reached to deliver the metal box to waiting Harper Limbach crews.

     This process continued for most of the morning and early afternoon. When all was said and done, a dozen air handlers were transported the same way.

For more pictures of this lift, click here.

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