Sims Crane Rodeo Finals Winner 2012 - Ed Cook

After two months of competition throughout the state of Florida, Ed Cook was named Top Gun in the 2012 Sims Crane Rodeo. Ed won top honors in Vero Beach for his qualifying run, and then came to Tampa last weekend to see how his skills matched up from winners from around the state. 

The course was a modified practical exam crane course, in which operators were timed and tested for accuracy with points deducted for any errors along with a skills test in which required the operator to hook the overhead ball to a choker without any help and lift the 8500 lb test weight 3 inches off the ground and set it back down inside the lines. Out of the 10 finalists who competed, including returning champion Robbie Johnson, winner of last years Top Gun award, Ed Cook emerged with a total combined time of 5:16 to take the title. Only 12 seconds separated first and second place, which went to Don Cockrell from Tampa with a 5:28. Ed's name will be added to the Dennis Kastens Memorial Trophy, and won $500 from IUOE Local 925 and a cruise for two from Sims Crane. IUOE also awarded the second place winner $300, and the third place winner $200. 

Along with the crane rodeo, Sims hosted a family fun fest that included face painters, balloons artists, caricature artist, a crane simulator provided by IUOE local 925, a BBQ luncheon, games and good times.

This event is held annually at Sims to showcase the "Top Guns" in the company and to bring together employees and families to have a great time. 

2012 Sims Crane Rodeo Standings

1. Ed Cook - Vero Beach
2. Don Cockrell - Tampa
3. Ed Wojciechowski - Vero Beach
4. Matt Williams - Mulberry
5. Robbie Johnson - Tampa
6. Paul Massocco - Vero Beach
7. Luke Denham - Orlando
8. Johnny Bell - Orlando
9. Adrian Morales - Orlando
10. Danny Nichols - Orlando

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