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Sims Crane Expands Its 3D Lift Plan Office

3d lift plan software

Sims Crane & Equipment Co. expanded its Sales Department by adding an additional team member to create 3D Lift Plans for all of its lifts.  Nikol Hillman, formerly the Digital Content and Social Media Coordinator, has changed roles and transitioned into the sales department after 2 years with Sims.

The 3D Lift Plan Internet-based application is a true 3D lift-planning and crane selection application specific to the Sims Crane & Equipment fleet. With the increased ability to calculate and view every detail, Sims Crane lift-planning experts find the most economical crane and rigging configurations for a specific pick, plan around obstructions on a jobsite, and view the site from all angles, saving time and increasing efficiency on the job. Most importantly, thorough lift planning improves lift safety by improving foresight and real-time lift accuracy.

At Sims Crane, lift-planning service is free and helps ensure an accurate, safe, and cost-effective pick, planned completely before work begins at the job site. By simulating the environment of the lift, Sims Crane & Equipment Co. assists the customers in properly planning an efficient lift day.

3D Lift Plan’s step-by-step design allows project planners to create detailed, accurate lift plans in minutes. With state-of-the-art 3D graphics and a powerful crane selection algorithm, 3D Lift Plan is the most powerful lift planning application available.

Author:  Laura Palmisano, Public Relations, Sims Crane & Equipment Co.

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