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Protect Construction Workers – Slow Down!

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The Florida Department of Transportation reminds motorists to slow down and practice caution when driving through work zones in the Sunshine State. This week is designated National Work Zone Awareness Week, a program that began in 1999. State agencies sponsor education and other initiatives to persuade drivers to put away all distractions and follow the speed limit in work zones.

Safety & mobility investments

Florida is spending over $12 billion on transportation investments in 2022. These changes will improve overall safety and mobility for everyone who drives on Florida’s highways. But those improvements cannot happen without the hard work of thousands of men and women on the scene.

A lot of the roadwork projects are done at night as an effort to reduce traffic congestion and inconvenience to drivers. But this puts workers at a higher risk of injury, especially in high-speed areas. Motorists can do their part by following these simple steps:

Unfortunate statistics

During the period of 2017 through 2021 Florida saw 53,548 work zone-related collisions that included 376 fatalities and 1,904 severe injuries. FDOT Secretary Jared Perdue stated, “Work zone safety is everyone’s responsibility. Together, we can reach FDOT’s target of zero fatal crashes and serious injuries by staying alert, slowing down, and always being prepared to stop.”

Click here to read all the details at WFTV 9 Orlando’s website. Image above courtesy of WFTV.

April 14, 2022

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