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New Chinese Truck Crane is All Electric

Electric crane

Zoomlion, a construction machinery and sanitation equipment manufacturer based in China, claims to have launched the world’s first truck crane powered entirely by electricity. News of this development was posted online last month at Vertikal.net.

The 27-ton crane was introduced in early May 2020. Designated as model ZTC250N-EV, it has three axles and is based on its Zoomlion diesel crane counterpart with the same weight and size specifications. But instead of the standard diesel engine, this crane is powered by a high-density lithium iron phosphate battery pack combined with advanced energy and battery management technology and a series of efficient electric motors.

Shockingly powerful

This crane can travel a distance of up to 160 miles at a maximum road speed of 56 miles per hour. If an AC power outlet is available at the work site, it can be plugged in for charging. It features a five section, 131-foot long main boom with a swing-away extension that measures 26 feet for a maximum tip height of 164 feet. It can lift 27 tons at a radius of 11.5 feet on the base boom, and up to 6.5 tons with the boom fully extended.

Not much more is known about the crane at this time except that it’s equipped high energy storage density batteries and the timeline from conception to production took less than two years.

Read the article by clicking here. Image above courtesy of vertikal.net.

June 9, 2020

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