Mini Crawler Cranes – Maximum Advantages

Not all cranes are created equally. When it comes to working within a confined jobsite, mini crawler articulated cranes are often the answer to lifting challenges. Their ability to navigate difficult routes and fit through tight entryways, yet lift significant amounts of weight, add value despite their modest appearance. The May issue of International Cranes Magazine highlights some of the mini crawler cranes available.

Easy movement

Austrian manufacturer Palfinger has designed a crane that can separate from its crawler unit, allowing it to walk on its outriggers with movements like a crab. This allows easy sideways and forward movement inside of factories and warehouse areas. Additionally, the crane sitting on the floor is ideal for worksites with lower ceilings and overhead clearance.

Jekko offers several models of its mini crawler cranes designed to fit through a standard single doorway or even inside of an elevator. The Italy-based company says their JF545 combines the performance of a truck-mounted crane with the benefit of a self-propelled crawler chassis. It features a small size (17.7 x 5.9 x 9.1 feet) combined with six-extension main boom and total lifting power of just over 17 tons.

Big and small

Mammoet is well-known for their massive crawler and ring cranes to mobile truck and all terrain cranes, but in 2018 introduced the Hoeflon C10 mini crawler. At a width of just 2.62 feet and maximum lifting capacity of 4.4 US tons, it can reach a total of 62 feet while lifting 460 pounds. It’s powered by a three-cylinder diesel or all-electric engine.

GGR Group offers several mini crawlers including the TMC 525. It is designed to travel on slopes and rough or uneven terrain with a continuous slewing system for improved load placement control. It has a width of just 2.56 feet and maximum lift height of 105 feet. The standard model includes a diesel engine, but a lithium-ion battery powered version is available.

More details can be read at International Cranes’ website by clicking here.

May 17, 2022

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