Mammoet Moves Two Methanol Plants Across Continents

Heavy lift and transport provider Mammoet helped lift, transport and reassemble a methanol plant from Chile 5,420 miles to Louisiana, USA.

The task was carried out for Methanex Corporation, a supplier of methanol. The relocation of the plant was a cheaper alternative to constructing a new one in Geismar, Louisiana, a spokesperson said. Two plants were relocated.

For the project Mammoet worked with Jacobs Engineering. Nearly 400 components were lifted and transported from one site to the other. All components and modules had a combined shipping volume of more than 157,000 freight tons.

Challenges along the route included constructing special roads and bridges for the transport to cross, and overcoming issues with loading and sea fastening in the Straits of Magellan due to strong currents and wind, a spokesperson said.

On arrival in Louisiana soil conditions meant that the transport team had to cross a specially engineered and constructed bridge over the Mississippi River.

The plant in Geismar is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2014.


Author: Laura Hatton

Source: KHL Group

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