JLG’s Lull Telehandlers Raise the Stakes


Some would describe JLG’s Lull Telehandlers as the “Harley-Davidson of Telehandlers.” This is a reputation well earned for a company that produces a line of telehandlers touted for its precision. These machines are among the most popular currently being rented at Sims Crane.

The clients who utilize Lull are as different as the way the equipment is utilized. For example, workers at a local amusement park frequently use the 644E-42 to transport pumps and motors that are used along with the pumps. Sometimes operators use the telehandlers to raise loads as heavy as 1,200lbs. They’re even used to set concrete manhole features.
   Only Lull gives an operator the ability to move an entire load 80 inches horizontally at full height coupled with the ability to raise a load as large as 4,000lbs. Its unique horizontal load placement system operates by moving the rear of the chassis forward making it easier to load faster and at greater heights in any condition. In short, it raises the stakes when it comes to precision.

According to Lull, other advantages include :
·       Proportional controls that provide more precise positioning
·       Power four-wheel-drive system provides superior rough terrain performance
·       Side-mounted engine allows easier access and visibility
·       Three steering modes-crab, round, and front-wheel-provide tight maneuverability
·       Versatile attachments handle multiple tasks 
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