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JLG Launches Equipment Selection Tool

JLG Industries, Inc. has launched an online equipment selecting tool to help customers identify what equipment would be best for their needs.

Users can choose what they’re moving (people, materials or people and materials), where they are working (indoor, outdoor and other selections based on what is being moved), and then what working height is needed to get the job done. US or metric unit measurements are also available, which can further narrow searches. There is also an advanced search option which can narrow choices down even further, according to JLG.

“This function allows people to drill down to work type (i.e. drywall, maintenance, electrical contracting, among others), industry (i.e. aviation, educational, military, manufacturing, among others) and carrying capacity,” the company said in a statement.

To check the tool out, visit https://www.jlg.com/equipment-selector.

Source: https://www.khl.com/magazines/access-international/detail/item64308/jlg-launches-equipment-finder/

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