Employee Spotlight: Tanya Holesapple-Scott

Employee Spotlight: Tanya Holesapple-Scott

       “I think the one thing that shaped who I am right now is having my son,” says Sims Crane Credit Manager Tanya Scott, as she proudly speaks about her eight-year-old son Ayden. “He made me grow up and learn that everything is not about me. I lost all the selfishness I had.”
         Her selflessness, her commitment to excellence and her ability to create good rapport with clients and her colleagues has carried her through a successful career here at Sims Crane. She started out as a receptionist 16 years ago and hasn’t looked back since.  In her current position she processes and collects all the payment on the invoices that come from all the locations. She takes care of the releases and files liens and notices of non-payments on jobs. In short, she handles accounts receivables.
       Tanya says her job is challenging at times because of the economic downturn, but she finds her work rewarding. She jokingly confesses, “It’s the best position I’ve had at Sims yet. I didn’t ever think I was going to like the accounting side, but I love it. Every day there’s something new and exciting.”
      Tanya is also passionate about cooking and baking. She admits most people don’t know just how popular her Dipstix's Cake Pops are. What are cake pops? It’s almost like a lollipop, but it is cake-on-stick instead. The cake part is then dipped into a chocolate or vanilla coating. Her cake pops are so good a friend gave her an opportunity to sell the treats at Tampa’s Renaissance Festival this year. Recalling the story she says, “You know it was really strange. I made them for Christmas and gave them out to my friends and some to my neighbors. They liked them so much that one of my friends came to me and said, ‘Hey look, there’s an opportunity for you to get into the Renaissance Festival as a vendor. I think you should sell your cake pops.’ So that’s what we did. We kind of threw it all together with a matter of weeks and we had a booth set up. It was lots of fun.”
       But despite all the accomplishments she’s had in her life, she says one of her greatest achievements is working here at Sims. “I’m proud of what I do and I’m proud they are happy with the job that I’m doing.” 

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