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Employee Profile: Bobbi Revels

        Bobbi Revels wears many hats at Sims Crane. She doesn’t only lend an ear to her friends she also lends a helping hand to anyone who needs it. Although her official title is executive administrative assistant to President Steve Stodghill, it’s obvious she finds it easy to go out of her way to help others. This flexibility, effortless regard for those around her and the ability to effectively manager her time has served her well during the more than four years she’s worked for the company. She says, “I enjoy what I’m doing and I like it’s not the same thing every day.”
       At work Steve may be priority number one, but at home her teenage daughter Jessica comes first. She describes her only daughter and only child as one of her greatest accomplishments. Although, she figures Jessica would simply describe her as “strict.”  Like most parents trying to raise a teenager, she’s trying to find the correct balance between friendship and parenthood.
     Luckily, she doesn’t have to fight the battle alone. She’s been happily married to her husband Joe for 23 years. His parents and her parents were friends. She started dating him when she was 20 years old, marrying him a year later. They haven’t been apart since.
      Maybe what keeps them together is their shared philosophy on life. Bobbi describes it by combining several one liners, “Life’s too short. There’s no room for drama. We’re laid back and we take things as they come. As we say, don’t worry about it until it happens.” Maybe it can all be summoned up by “Carpe diem” [seize the day]. She points to a time when she received a call during lunch time from Joe about a last minute trip to Tennessee and she and her daughter happily went for a weekend.
     The couple has obviously passed this philosophy on to their only child. Jessica makes the most of each moment. Her mom describes her as “goal-oriented, putting work in for what she wants.”  Jessica will soon be receiving her cosmetology license, wants to study graphic and computer design and envisions opening her own business in the future. But for now, she’s just simply concentrating on a rite of passage most teenagers must go through and every parent dreads: perfecting driving a vehicle. 

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