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Boscaro’s Self Dumping Bin

Proving that no challenge is too large, Boscaro Crane Attachments took on the opportunity to build a custom ordered self dumping bin, which could possibly be the world’s largest under-hook self dumping bin. The A-800D with a capacity of 8,000 litres or 10.5 cubic yards.  
   With the construction industries asking for bigger and better,  Boscaro engineers expanded on their basic design and came up with the  A-800D, added to its current line of self dumping bins,  comprising of the A-80D capacity 800 ltr/1.05 cu. yd., A-150D capacity 1500 ltr./1.95 cu. yd., A-200D capacity 2000 ltr./2.60 cu. yd., A300D capacity 3000 ltr./3.90 cu.yd.  and a kicked up version of the A-300D based on a custom requirement  from a customer, as you can see in the images, the bin was another success for Boscaro’s extensive line of under-the-hook crane attachments.
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