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All-Terrain Crane in Orlando

All-Terrain CraneWeather conditions like to get in your way when you have a tight schedule. Regular cranes get stuck on the job site or can't be safely moved around to new locations during heavy rain or snow. An all-terrain crane circumvents these problems. This durable equipment is compact for moving through hazardous areas or between nearby job sites.

The Benefits of Partnering with Sims Crane & Equipment

Our crane rental options give you access to all-terrain cranes without having to pay for equipment ownership. Sims Crane & Equipment has many heavy equipment rental options available. Our company offers a range of all-terrain cranes, with fast rental deliveries and flexible rental plans. Our fleet of all-terrain, mobile, crawler, carry deck, and rough terrain cranes gives you the flexibility to get the exact equipment suitable for your needs.

The crane operators at Sims Crane & Equipment are NCCCO-certified. We actually have more certified operators for our all-terrain cranes than competing crane rental companies in the state. Everyone in our company is dedicated to keeping job sites safe.

Sims Crane & Equipment got its start in 1959. Throughout our 60 year history, we’ve shown the same dedication to safety as our founders did and established ourselves as a leader in this industry. Our innovative safety measures are held up as a powerful and effective standard in the market. We're now a third-generation, family-owned and operated business.

Specialized rigging crews have extensive experience moving many types of cargo with all-terrain cranes. One of our company's specialties is working with fragile cargo. Our riggers can move these items around limited space with ease. Your loads can go up to 1.2 million pounds if necessary.

3D lift planning allows our experienced crane rental operators to go over all the details. You won't need to worry about the unexpected when lifting with your all-terrain crane, as our highly-qualified operators have gone through many hours of training and certification to handle your project.

If you are ready to rent an all-terrain crane in Orlando or elsewhere throughout Florida, contact us to learn more about the services we offer and the heavy-duty cranes we stock.

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