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The World’s Tallest Crawler Crane Assembled by Liebherr


Liebherr claims to have assembled the world’s tallest crawler crane at its manufacturing plant in Ehingen, Germany. Using a 3,300-ton LR 13000 crawler crane in its maximum configuration – 394 ft. of main boom and 413 ft. of luffing jib – the crane achieved a total height of 814 ft.

Fitted with 440 ton of slewing platform ballast and 1650 ton of derrick ballast on a special foundation the LR 13000 lifted a twin axle LTM 1030-2.1 All-Terrain crane weighing 26 ton. The company claims with its maximum boom length at its steepest angle its load capacity is 75 ton and that the stability of the boom system was successfully tested at Liebherr-Werk Ehingen with a load of 114 ton.

The company said when fitted with its PowerBoom system, the achievable lengths are reduced as a result of the higher boom weight, but the load capacities are considerably higher.


Source: Vertical.net

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