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Very Important News about Safety Standards from OSHA


OSHA recently released a listing of 50 FAQs (frequently asked questions) concerning the new 1926.1400 construction safety standards. Go to the following link, http://www.osha.gov/cranes-derricks/faq.html for answers to all 50 questions.

Selected excerpts

“An operator may operate a particular piece of equipment if the operator is certified for that type and capacity or higher-capacity equipment of that type.”

“After November 10, 2014, the revised rule requires documentation to include the type and capacity of the crane you have been certified to operate.”

“The exam consists of both a written and a practical test. “

“The practical test is conducted with the operator at the controls of the equipment. It requires the operator to demonstrate, among other things, operational and maneuvering skills, the ability to apply load chart information, and the ability to safely shut down and secure the equipment.”

“If your test does not cover the new requirements, your certification will not be valid.”

The new crane standard can be accessed from www.osha.gov at 29 CFR Part 1926 Subpart CC-Cranes and Derricks in Construction. The preamble to the final rule can also be found on OSHA’s website under “Federal Register Notices” for August 9, 2010.

Author: Joe Crispell, Executive Vice President, NACB Group, Inc.

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