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Terex Superlift 3800 Quickly Set Up a Bridge Project

Terex 3800 Bridge

Steil Kranarbeiten, based in Trier, Germany, used a Terex Superlift 3800 to help build a 1450-ft. long bridge in Luxembourg. The main contractor was A T S Cranes. For the project 14 steel girders were set down on concrete piers. The steel sections were 315-ft. long and 23-ft. high and weighed 325 tons each.

To carry out the lift, the 715-ton capacity Superlift 3800 was configured with in a SSL1 configuration with a 236-ft main boom and 275 tons of counterweight on the superstructure. The crane had 55 tons of central ballast and 220 tons of counterweight on the superlift tray, a company spokesperson added.

Peter Frechen, Steil transportation logistics and heavy crane dispatcher, said, “It was a job that almost seemed to have been planned with our Terex Superlift 3800 crane in mind. We needed only 31 trucks to transport the crane from a wind turbine erection site to Luxembourg. The crane was set up and ready to work in one and a half days.”

Matthias Ferres, crane operator, said, “We used two hoisting wire ropes and ten-part reeving, which meant that, at 20 tons per reeving, we would need a maximum lifting force of 395 tons. In other words, we were very well on the safe side.”

To position the girders on their supporting pylons, the 3800 lifted the girders to a height of 72 ft. and was crawled 165 ft. forward. The load was then moved into position before it was placed down. During the lift the crane was configured with a working radius of 77 ft.

Author: Laura Hatton

Source: KHL Group

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