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Terex Displays Crossover 4500L Boomtruck at ICUEE

Terex Crossover 4500L

Terex exhibited several utility products plus the new Crossover 4500L boom truck in its booth at ICUEE. The Crossover 4500L is a 45-ton capacity boom truck that offers longer boom and boom-and-jib combinations than the standard Crossover 4500, plus the ability to attach a two-person work platform to either the boom top or the jib point. One key target market is high-line construction, where the Crossover 4500L could let a contractor use just one machine to lift both components and people, as needed.

Maximum boom length is 129 ft., and the maximum boom-and-jib combination gives a tip height of 183 ft. Terex says the Crossover 4500L offers 25% higher capacity at most boom lengths and radii than any other boom truck in the 45-ton class. By November, Terex expects to have a four-function remote control that will let an operator run the crane’s upperworks from the aerial work platform.

Source: Crane & Rigging Hot Line

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