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How Do Cranes Get On Top Of Skyscrapers?

Perched above New York City’s skyline, two tower cranes are piecing together the new One World Trade Center, which just became the city’s tallest skyscraper. How do those cranes get up there? By using their own Read More

NYC Orders Lighter Crane Loads After WTC Accident

New York City is ordering contractors to lighten the weight carried by cranes across the city on the heels of an accident at the World Trade Center last month in which a crane cable snapped, dropping thousands Read More

911 Artifacts Rigged and Placed In National September 11 Museum

      The R. Baker & Son team transported the cross from St. Peter’s Church   to the museum after a ceremony attended by former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and recovery workers. This summer, prior to Read More

Remembering September 11- May We Never Forget.

New York (CNN) — When you walk in, all you see is a construction site. Amid the hum and rumble of downtown Manhattan — not to mention the clang of steel and the tangle of cranes Read More