Tampa based crane company debuts world’s first battery powered crawler crane for first time on U.S. soil

*** Photos and B-roll footage of the crane’s debut can be found by clicking here.***

TAMPA, Fla.  — Sims Crane & Equipment Co., the largest private crane rental and rigging service company in Florida, showcased the world’s first battery powered crawler crane Monday morning at their corporate headquarters in Tampa.

Sims Crane hosted the crawler crane’s U.S. debut event in conjunction with the crawler crane’s designer, multi-national equipment manufacturer Liebherr.

The event began with breakfast and was followed by the national anthem and a presentation of colors by a color guard from MacDill Air Force Base.

Sims Crane & Equipment and Liebherr then held a joint presentation, explaining the history of both companies and the features of the newly manufactured LR 1250.1 Unplugged electric crane.

After the presentation, Sims completed a demonstration of the crawler crane’s capabilities.

“We are honored to partner with Liebherr and be on the forefront to serve a vastly growing need for alternative energy,” said Jackson Sims, Vice President of Sims Crane & Equipment.

The crawler crane’s battery powered engine cuts local carbon emissions completely, and is capable of operating for eight hours unplugged, or for an unlimited amount of time when connected to a power source. Liebherr and Sims say there is no compromise in performance between the electric version of the crawler crane and its diesel-powered counterpart.

The crawler crane is also significantly quieter than its diesel counterpart, making it ideal for construction jobs in residential areas, at hospitals and in other locations where noise pollution may be a concern.

The battery powered crawler crane joins Sims’ rental fleet, which is the largest fleet in Florida.

About Sims Crane & Equipment:

Founded in 1959, Sims Crane & Equipment Co. has led the crane and rigging service industry in Florida for more than 60 years with innovative safety practices and education, sophisticated technology and financial stability. Sims Crane & Equipment Co. offers a broad selection of equipment for heavy lifting and hauling applications for construction and industrial projects, and possesses the largest crane rental fleet in Florida. The company is currently expanding into Georgia and recently opened an office in Atlanta.

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Sims First to take Delivery of Liebherr Unplugged

Sims Crane & Equipment has taken delivery of Liebherr’s new LR 1250.1 Unplugged crawler crane. The battery-powered model is the first in the Unplugged series to be sold in the U.S. East Coast region. It offers the same performance as the conventional version, while putting off zero emissions and minimal noise. Like the other models in the Unplugged series, the LR 1250.1 can operate via battery (unplugged) or plugged in. Battery life is approximately eight hours, depending on the workload.

A welcome addition

Sims’ new Liebherr 1250.1 crane will include a 242-foot main boom and 311-foot luffing jib with auxiliary tip. The crane is expected to arrive this summer.

Jackson Sims, Owner / VP sales / Market Development at Sims Crane, noted “We are honored to partner with Liebherr and be on the forefront to serve a vastly growing need for alternative energy to Sims' ever-growing customer base.”

Image above courtesy of Liebherr. Pictured left to right at the Liebherr factory in Austria: Dietmar Haemmerle, Michael Neyer, Lukas Burtscher, Michael Flecker, Michael Kuffermann  (Sims Strategic Operations Manager), Timothy McDaniel (Sims Crawler Division Manager), Jared Lester (Sims Commercial Sales Team Manager), Wolfgang Herzog.

February 16, 2023