Tadano Unveils World’s First Electric RT Crane

Crane manufacturer Tadano displayed a prototype of the new GR-1000XLL EVolt last month at ConExpo in Las Vegas. The world’s first battery electric rough terrain crane will be available in the United Stated and Canada in 2024–the largest market for rough terrain cranes–with additional markets to follow. Its presence on the jobsite will provide heavy lifting applications with zero emissions and minimal noise.

Visually similar

The superstructure of this 100-ton crane is the same as that found on the standard GR-1000XL. The main boom consists of five sections measuring 151 feet long. When paired with a 33-to-58-foot swing away extension, a maximum tip height of 218 feet is reachable with up to 45 degrees of offset. However, the similarities end with driveline and chassis. The diesel engine has been replaced with the lithium ion battery pack and three electric motors. One motor drives the hydraulic pumps for the superstructure, one powers the front axle and another the rear axle. The simple drivetrain allows for more space in the chassis by reducing the number of shafts needed.

Capabilities and performance

The battery pack will charge in seven hours with the standard onboard system or in only two hours with Tesla fast charger. When fully charged, the crane will have enough power to work an entire shift day, about nine hours. If an AC outlet is available at the jobsite the crane can operate while plugged in with 30-, 50-, 75- or 100-amp imput options. Travel distance totals about 12.5 miles on a single charge with a top speed of 11 mph, just like its diesel counterpart.

In comparison to the GR-XL1000XLL-4, Tadano estimates the GR-1000XLL will save around 2,200 gallons of diesel and reduce CO2 emmissions by 24 tons annually. Toshiaki Ujiie, president and CEO of Tadano said, “This crane will make an invaluable contribution to achieving our goal of reducing the CO2 emissions from our products by 35 percent by 2030.”

More information can be read at Vertikal and Cranes Today. Image above courtesy of Tadano.

April 19, 2023