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Tadano Launches Its Largest Rough Terrain Crane to Date

Tadano GR-1600XL-2

Tadano has launched a 160 ton Rough Terrain crane, the GR-1600XL-2 on a three axle chassis. The new crane, the largest Tadano RT to date, features a 200-ft., six-section main boom, with a new rounded profile design and single telescope cylinder. A two part 33.5-ft. to 58.7-ft. bi-fold offsetable swing-away extension takes the maximum tip height to 256 ft. and a maximum radius of over 197 ft. The crane cab also tilts for improved visibility and operator comfort.

The new 6x4x6 chassis boast four-mode all-wheel steer for a turning radius of 32.5 ft. The crane can self-install and remove its counterweight and outriggers for easy transportation. Overall length is just over 52.5 ft., with a 33.5 ft. long by 10.8-ft. wide chassis and an overall height of 12.4 ft.

The unit features Tadano’s asymmetrical, multi-position outrigger setup with automatic monitoring and load chart selection as well as a ‘soft stop’ function that brings the motion of the crane to a slow stop automatically before it reaches the limits of allowed capacity.

Features incorporated from Tadano’s XL-2 series include : the Hello-Net system that allows crane activity to be monitored from a computer or mobile device, Eco-mode and Positive control systems for reduced fuel consumption and a fuel monitoring system designed to minimize environmental impact and reduce CO2 emissions.


Source: Vertikal.net

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