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Tadano Completes Takeover of Crane UK

Tadano UK Acquired

Tadano Faun has announced a complete takeover of Cranes UK, rebranding the firm Tadano UK.

Founded in 2001 by Joe Lyon and his wife Fransie, Cranes UK developed its Tadano mobile crane business in the UK and Ireland. The Japanese manufacturer said that with the retirement of the founders of Cranes UK, it became important to the UK firm and Tadano to safeguard the continuation of the company’s operations. A recent due diligence process between Tadano and Cranes UK resulted in the takeover of the shares.

The manufacturer stressed that UK and Ireland are very important markets for the company and that the integration of the UK operations into the Tadano network was part of a process to develop its products and continue to improve support.

The company will continue its operations in full with a combined management team set up by Thomas Schramm serving as president, Stephanie Mueller, Andrew Plant and Brian Crisp, all of whom belong to the board of Tadano UK.


Source: Cranes Today Magazine

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