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Sims Crane Number 14 in ACT Top 100

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American Cranes & Transport (ACT) announced their Top 100 list. Sims Crane & Equipment has been ranked in the ACT Top 100, coming in at number 14 of the largest crane – owning companies in North America.

Sims Crane & Equipment is the only company in the Top 15 headquartered in Florida, and also boasts a Top 10 ranking for Largest Mobile Fleet.

This year, the ACT100 top 10 companies own 5,971 mobile cranes, down from 6,315 mobile cranes in 2011. In 2010, the top 10 companies owned 5,799 mobile cranes, down from 6,223 in 2009.

Companies are listed by their ACT100 Index, which is calculated by adding together the maximum lifting capacities in U.S. tons of all crawler cranes and mobile cranes in a company’s fleet.

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