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Save Lives with Boscaro Rescue Platforms

Nashville Tennessee – A crane operator suffered a stroke while operating the crane on Saturday. A firefighter climbed the crane and prepared the man for transport off the crane in a stretcher and harness. It sounds as if in this case there was a second taller tower crane on site which would have saved valuable time. The condition of the operator wasn’t known.

There are a few things to look at to aid in saving operators who have medical emergencies on cranes. The ideal scenario is to have a package on the crane ready to go to save the operator. in a job box if you had a sheave that could quickly be mounted to a lacing (appropriate rigging), a rescue basket, a few extra universal harnesses, and sufficient rope, we could expedite rescues. rescuers wouldn’t need to carry or prepare gear and climb the towers with it. There is a problem with this… many fire departments wouldn’t use someone else’s gear. We all know that just a few minutes can sometimes be the difference between life and death in some emergencies so if even we had the basket and harness ready to go, we’d be ahead of the game.
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